Kumar Biswas

Kumar Biswas was born on the day of an auspicious Saraswati (Goddess of knowledge, learning and wisdom) puja, in the little Indian town of Bhagalpur, Bihar, in early 1960s. He attended a Christian convent run by the Patna Diocese when he was younger, and the Ramakrishna Mission at Narendrapur, West Bengal, India, was where he eventually finished his undergraduate studies. Under the guidance of two missionaries, he has been instilled with traits such as punctuality, ethics, rigorous discipline and altruism.

His family is 'Indian'. His late father served Indian Railways. He has spent almost a quarter of a century, working for Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. His lone sibling is a Wing Commander (Retd.) from the Indian Air Force. His time spent residing in and providing services for seven Indian states - Bihar, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Odisha, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal, has given him a unique perspective on the nation's rich cultural legacy. He has grown to deeply understand and respect the various traditions and rituals that make up the fabric of Indian society, as well as the natural beauty of each location.

Academically, he did double bachelors, viz., a B.Sc. with Chemistry Honours, followed by a B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calcutta, West Bengal. He completed his MBA in International Business from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi. Has undergone a logistics and supply chain management course in Oxford, U.K.

He has worked with Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., for nearly quarter of a century. In between, as a technocrat, he was on deputation to Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India, as Joint Director (Operations). Subsequently, he worked in the private sector of petroleum business in India and Africa. He gained rich international exposure for oil and gas supply chain in East African countries, viz., Burundi, Congo, Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia, etc. In connection with petroleum business, he has travelled widely all over the country and across the world - Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Bhutan, France, Kenya, London and Oxford, Tanzania, Zanzibar, etc.

Presently, he is a Professor of Practice. He is actively working in academia-industry interface and building managers of future for the industry. Some of the subjects he teaches at premium universities and management institutes are International Business, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Strategic Management etc. He has presented several research papers at international conferences. Besides, he is a much sought after speaker in the corporate world viz. Indian Oil, NTPC, GAIL, ONGC, PHD Chambers etc.

He is an Energy Philatelist, i.e. he collects postage stamps and allied materials on energy (oil, gas, renewable energy and energy conservation) from all over the world. He participates in different philately exhibitions in India wherein his stamp collections are displayed.

He is a passionate blogger. On his blog page, as on 01 May 2024, with 45 stories on various topics, global readership has crossed 31,000 marks by the readers from more than 100 countries around the world.

He is a popular emcee or MC (Master of Ceremonies). While on stage, he ensures that the audience remains hooked to his wizardry of words. With good command in languages like English, Bangla and Hindi, he engages audience while making right announcements. He navigates a program as per agenda and as per schedule.